We design environmental, social, and governance solutions to meet your unique needs.

Sustainability Journey

Your situation is unique, so we step in wherever you are on your journey.

What’s Important

ESG Assessment and Benchmarking

Competitive & Compliance Analysis

Goal Setting

Risks & Opportunities Analysis


Performance Strategies

Data Collection & Systems

Educate & Engage

Governance & Infrastructure

Demonstrate Competitive Performance

Report, Brand & Compliance

Design & Streamline Relevant Reports

Achieve Certification

Customer and Brand Communications

Key Services

Our team and network of experts share their deep experience and skills in:



  • Building comprehensive sustainability action plans and solutions across industries
  • Evaluating complex value chains to identify risk and opportunities
  • Materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement
  • Supply chain analysis and optimization
  • ESG risk management and abatement
  • Local government and economic development
Engagement & Communications:

Engagement & Communications:

  • Governance: board oversight and management responsibility
  • Employee engagement, education, and performance
  • Change management
  • Strategic partnerships
Data and Reporting:

Data and Reporting:

  • Sustainability reporting frameworks
  • Industry-specific certifications
  • Policy, regulation, and compliance
  • GHG inventory, supplier engagement and data collection
Operations & Performance Improvement:

Operations & Performance Improvement:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Climate action and decarbonization strategies
  • Data, systems, and traceability

Best-in-class solutions, exceptional quality, fit to a budget that you can afford.


Our “First Solution” packages are targeted to your unique stage of readiness. After an initial assessment, we customize a plan to meet your needs. Packages can be tailored to suit your budget and overall goals for sustainable business solutions.

It’s not just about strategy, it’s about your performance. We help you with practical steps for implementing effective strategies and optimizing your results.

Introduction to Sustainability & the ESG landscape.

How are these topics relevant to your company? We share the latest and emerging market and regulatory trends, identifying current and anticipated demands for your company to demonstrate readiness and performance. Engage with ICG as we facilitate meaningful conversations amongst leadership and across functions to identify the value proposition of strengthening your sustainability readiness.

Strategy and operations design & planning.

Know where to start. This includes defining your goals, your unique ESG value proposition, your baseline measurements, your education and training needs, stakeholder engagement, and the identification of performance improvement strategies.

ESG integration.

Get guidance on how to implement your strategies effectively. Define how you'll measure success, how to collect the right data to share, receive industry-specific certification guidance, and product, client, and project consultation.

Specific performance areas.

Design and execute targeted impact strategies aimed at operational efficiency, decarbonization, employee and stakeholder safety and engagement, risk management and financial resilience, diversity, equity and inclusion, renewable energy transition, supply chain optimization, traceability, community engagement and more. We'll help you achieve the impact that maximizes the value you provide to all stakeholders.

Performance analysis and reporting.

How well are your ESG solutions working for you? Take a holistic approach to performance that includes ROI and financial impact assessment.