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Advancing Sustainable
Business Solutions.

Expert Environmental, Social, and Governance Services

ICG will devise sustainable + competitive solutions to ensure your ongoing success.

Your company needs to demonstrate robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance to remain strong and competitive in today’s market.


Women-Owned Business Certified

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What We Do

Knowing where to start, developing new ways of doing business and demonstrating your impact can be challenging.

Impact Collective Group’s team of experts partner with you to define and deploy corporate sustainability solutions. Together, we drive positive impact and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Whether you’re just getting started, already have some practices in place or need to address immediate needs, ICG can help you devise sustainable, competitive solutions to ensure your company’s ongoing success.

Why is ESG essential to business?

Your organization needs strategic sustainablility practices because:

ESG presents an operational efficiency and risk management opportunity.*


of operating profits are affected by Sustainability strategies.

Bottom Line

Strong environmental, social, and governance practices are not only good for people and the planet, they’re also good for business.

Customers & Clients demand it.*

87 % of Americans

support brands that advocate for the issues they care about

76 %

expect organizations to take action around climate change

Talented employees expect it.

40 % of Millenials

have taken a job due to the company's sustainability credentials.

70 %

stay with a company who has robust sustainability strategies in place.

Regulatory bodies are requiring it.

74 % increase in

ESG reporting provisions issued by governmental bodies.

- over the last - 4


All sectors are feeling the pressure of adopting sustainable business practices – and our world is demanding accountability.

Investors, consumers, employees, and even potential new talent have expectations around how your company is performing. Rising costs, economic uncertainties, and the looming prospect of new regulatory requirements in the ESG space mean you need to be proactive to gain – or maintain – a competitive edge.

Get Ahead of Regulatory Requirements
Meet customer and employee Expectations
Develop resilience in the face of uncertain market and environmental conditions
Access resources and funding for modernization and improvement
Manage risk
Create positive impact
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